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YUPOO-Louis Vuitton watch LV Code: LW203421

$: 119USD Size 34mm The full range of TAMBOUR SLIM will land on the market one after another! Tribute to the original factory to complete the mission! [Three Super Highlights] 1. The dial is delicately filled with oil, printed three-dimensionally, and the scales are neatly inlaid, all of which are flawless. 2. The sapphire crystal has excellent transparency and is perfectly connected to the shell. 3. The polished case of the watch presents the premium quality of the top brands in Switzerland. [Two must-buy reasons] 1. The strap is hand-stitched by ECCO Leather supplier! Restore the original button-type quick release design, which is convenient and quick. 2. The most cost-effective watch in 2020-using Swiss quartz movement, 👉Click Here!!! To Visit Photo album
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